How To Protect Your Business With Office 365 Backup

Office 365 Backup, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 consists of two components: Veeam Online Recovery and Microsoft Cloud Virtual Storage (MCS). The latter will allow you to quickly create a restore point for Outlook Express or any other email application, and then store the recovery information in a secure location on the internet. The online recovery component of Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 will allow you to quickly restore emails and files from backup. This will help you when you experience a major data loss at your workplace. Veeam will automatically restore the data without your assistance.

Veeam Backup for Office 365 integrates with Microsoft Cloud Virtual Storage (MCS), so you can easily move mailbox data between your on-demand Exchange and Microsoft cloud storage. Your emails, documents and attachments are safely backed up on secure servers managed by Microsoft while you’re away. You’ll never be notified that your email account has been compromised. It’s also extremely easy to create an Office 365 backup for your organization. You don’t have to be a network administrator to put this software to use. As a user, you just need to activate the automatic setup option.

Veeam Backup For Business enables you to create an Office 365 backup and restore to any specified schedule. You can choose to either create a customized user or group setting, or the default settings. This feature is also available in the standard version of Veeam. A customized schedule will enable you to determine how often the backup will occur and how it will affect your workflow. You can also choose to create a custom profile which is available in the Microsoft Office 365 Business Center.

OneDrive For Business: It is a free, purpose-built solution for your online data protection needs. OneDrive was designed specifically for the business enterprise. This online storage and backup service gives you the most cost-effective and reliable alternative to the more common online data protection options such as NAS and Cloud. If you own a business with employees who work from home, this is an excellent choice because it offers access to corporate data and emails across the Web.

SharePoint Backup for MS Office: SharePoint is one of the best and most popular open source collaboration applications used by businesses large and small everywhere. This is another product from Microsoft that provides powerful services within Office 365. SharePoint offers various types of online storage that is needed for document storage, shared project storage and document archiving. This is a great product that allows you to stay on top of changes and make updates with ease. It also provides centralized access and permission management to ensure security and compliance with your corporate information. The only thing that you need to do is to purchase SharePoint software and start using these powerful features to protect your business data from damage and unauthorized access.

Citrix Project Server Backup for on-Premises: This is a powerful, yet simple to use product that provides you a centralized place to store, retrieve and backup your data in the enterprise. This product offers a simple, elegant user interface with drag and drop functionality to give you an easy, powerful way to organize your data. It also integrates with the Office 365 application so that you can continue to take advantage of the features of both on-premise and cloud based backup solutions.

Microsoft Office Mobile for Business: Microsoft Office Mobile for Business helps your employees stay connected even when they are on the road. With the SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and Visual Studio Mobile application, your employees can access, create and edit documents from anywhere there is an available Internet connection. This is a very useful feature that comes with the subscription of Office 365 Personal. If you have a Microsoft Office 365 organization, then you are already entitled to this free software. However, you may download the software from the Microsoft website to get started with your Office 365 organization’s backup job.

If you are a business owner who has an old version of Windows operating system running, you may consider using the remote back up option that is provided by the Office 365 Data Recovery tool. The tool creates a restore point and stores all the data related to the deleted or lost items in a secure location on the internet. With the help of the restore point, you can easily access and retrieve your backed up data using a computer or laptop of your choice. There are also several remote storage alternatives that can be used to restore your data. These tools work with any version of Windows and allow you to choose the option that is most convenient for you.

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