5 Things You Can Learn From Social Listening

Social listening is simply when you actively monitor your social networking channels for conversations and mentions related to your company. You analyze them for opportunities to take advantage of, then you act. Below are a few steps to automate social listening:

o Analyze – Now it is time to analyze your social listening sessions. You can do this through a few different methods. I recommend using insights from online conversations and mentions of your brand via social listening. Search for conversations and mentions of your brand via specific keywords to find opportunities for engagement.

o, Look for Business Goals – As part of your social listening campaign, identify business goals from individual conversations and mentions of your brand via various social channels. Do you need to gain insight on trends related to your product? Are there opportunities in individual interactions that would help you gain insight into product trends? Are there opportunities to make changes based on the insights from social listening? This could all be answered based on the trends that people are talking about in your industry.

o, Use Tools to Make it Easy – You can use tools like Tweet Tracker and Google Analytics to view your Twitter data as well as Google Trends to look at brand mentions and individual conversations around your brand. Is there a potential to connect with more potential customers by analyzing this data? Are there opportunities to better serve your customers based on what they say about your product or service? These are just some of the questions you will ask yourself to help direct your next steps to success. Find the answers to help you determine how to best use social media listening to reach more potential customers right away!

o Find Interests – Now that you have an understanding of individual conversations and mentions, it’s time to focus on finding interests. Do you find that when a topic is mentioned on a social media platform that more people are talking about it? What kinds of topics do you find yourself interested in and talking about? This is another good question to ask when using social sentiment analysis to see if there may be a way to use this data to improve your company’s product or service.

o, Improve Customer Service – When you notice that a topic is getting a lot of engagement, take note. Is there room for improvement? If a topic doesn’t seem to be moving too much, ┬áis it because there aren’t enough people talking about it, or is it because there’s nothing to talk about? You want to make sure that you’re getting right away into the conversation with your customers so that you can offer your own solution or product improvement. Social listening offers a great opportunity for a business to capitalize on customer service improvements while using social sentiment data to further their own business goals.

o, Seek Answers – When you notice that a topic is generating lots of mentions, try to do a little deeper research on it. Does the topic of discussion resonate with others? If so, social media monitoring is a must!

By taking these few steps, you will be able to monitor social listening trends and find opportunities to get more engagement and attention from your consumers. You’ll also be able to use that information to better serve your audience and build your brand through more thoughtful conversations that will create a positive experience. It may even inspire a new customer or make them want to recommend your product to someone else. With social listening, you’ll be able to stay proactive and innovative, building your company through more meaningful conversations.

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